On the front page of the Sunday morning edition of The Oregonian, reporter Noelle Crombie ran a story about the State of Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services investigation of Cannacea, LLC and its owner Tisha Siler for fraud in connection with fundraising for a cannabis company that violated securities laws.
One of Ad Astra’s clients had provided consulting services to Siler and Cannacea and unwittingly became involved in Siler’s fraudulent scheme to raise capital that began with a fake letter from Oregon authorities stating that Siler had been “green lighted” for seven cannabis dispensary licenses. Crombie’s story ran before the investigation had been completed. In a follow-up story, Oregon Live reported that Ad Astra’s client had been cleared of any fraud charges thanks to Herman Hoying’s hard work. Katy Young was quoted discussing the method used to prove that our client was yet another victim of Siler: Ms. Young hired a computer forensics expert to prove that the fake letter that Siler sent to Ad Astra’s client came from Siler’s own server and could not have been generated by our client.
The State of Oregon assessed additional penalties against Siler and Cannacea for falsely claiming that Ad Astra’s client was the source of the fraudulent letter.