On October 31, 2014, the Ad Astra Law Group trial team of David Nied and Wendy Hillger won a substantial jury verdict in a plaintiff’s employment retaliation/discrimination case.  Following a two week trial in San Mateo County Superior Court, the jury found that the employee’s supervisor retaliated against her for filing complaints about the supervisor with the company’s HR department.  An Executive Committee of the employer terminated the plaintiff’s employment on charges of workplace violence and insubordination, and the employer argued that the Executive Committee was insulated from the supervisor’s retaliatory intent.  The jury disagreed, however, and found that the supervisor’s retaliatory acts set in motion the series of events that led to the Executive Committee’s decision.  The jury also found that the employer had failed to protect the employee from the supervisor’s retaliatory acts.   The jury awarded the employee all of her economic damages plus and additional amount for her non-economic losses.


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