David Nied and Wendy Hillger conducted a webinar with Filice Insurance on, “Mitigating the Risks of Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuits.” One of the most expensive threats to any business is a lawsuit for discrimination or retaliation. These kinds of lawsuits strike at the emotions of those involved, and can attract a lot of negative publicity that can result in further harm to a business. While the burden of proof on plaintiffs is great, California law provides a prevailing plaintiff with significant damages and other remedies.  This 50 minute webinar provided guidance about employment practices to help companies avoid these kinds of lawsuits and, in worst case scenarios, how to navigate a lawsuit most effectively. Highlights were:

– Effective employment policies & practices;

– Proper workplace investigation procedures;

– Employer Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance;

– Strategies for defending a lawsuit;

– Managing the costs of legal counsel; and

– Discussion of the mechanisms of an employment lawsuit (discovery, settlement, trial).

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