The established and experienced attorneys at Ad Astra Law Group, LLP represent clients in all areas of family law; customizing our approach to the client’s individual and personal circumstances. We are experienced at evaluating routine and complex financial and legal issues related to family law matters. We provide services and advice in the areas of non-marital relationships, premarital and post-marital agreements, co-habitation agreements, annulment, legal separation, divorce, paternity, custody and visitation, interstate and international family law matters, spousal and child support, property division, and post-judgment support and custody matters.

We acknowledge that the success of any given case is deeply founded upon the strength of the attorney-client relationship and it is our priority to treat each person with dignity and respect. The uncertainty of family law matters is frightening and we understand that it is our responsibility to empower clients with education. We take the time necessary to ensure that our clients understand how the law applies to the facts of a case so that strategy development and decisions are made from a place of knowledge. Together, our attorneys and clients develop creative and effective resolutions that holistically serve our clients’ best interest: personally, financially, and emotionally. Our comprehensive and thoughtful approach to family law has resulted in resolutions by negotiated agreement; however when settlement is unlikely, we are experienced and prepared to litigate in order to zealously advocate for your best interests.