Wendy Hillger can celebrate her fourth appellate victory of 2016. She argued an appeal on behalf of our client, a landlord whose tenant forced an unlawful detainer trial in Alameda County after not paying rent for 4 months. At the trial (which Ad Astra did not handle), the tenant made a habitability defense claim, but the judge ultimately ruled in favor of the landlord, granting possession and a money judgment for back rent. The tenant appealed, arguing that the reduced judgment correlated to a 25% monthly rent reduction and thus demonstrated habitability issues at the home. On appeal, Wendy Hillger argued that there was no proof of the habitability issues at trial; and, if the trial judge made an error, it favored the tenant who benefitted from a lesser monetary judgment. Wendy’s arguments won the day. Our client is thrilled to finally end the saga with his difficult tenant.