Max Murphy may look like a big boy, but according to his mom, he’s just a baby.  A purebred German Shepard, Max is known for being his mom’s partner in crime, while simultaneously being her personal bodyguard. According to Max’s social media (#MorningsWithMax) there are certain things he doesn’t understand, such as why mommy trusts him to guard the house, but not her “sammiches” especially because “Sharing is caring.”

When he’s not guarding his mom, Max loves being “Aqua Dog” swimming anywhere he can find a body of water, chewing his toys into submission, and hanging his head out of his truck window to bark at livestock.

I lived with someone before my mommy and daddy, but he couldn’t keep me. Then my family took me home and told me I would be with them forever, and they would never ever ever leave me and it made me happy! My mommy gets major anxiety so she needs a pup to take care of her. So really, I rescued my mommy and daddy because they were both dog people and needed a pup in their life.

Big Boss Electrician, Partner in Crime, and Personal Bodyguard to my mommy.

Ravens! My mommy talks to the ravens, and she even feeds them peanut treats! I don’t want them NEAR her!  She can only LOVE ME! I do a good job at chasing them away and letting them know my mommy is MINE…..

I’m an Aqua Dog!  I love to swim and run and chew my favorite ball into submission. I also protect my mom.  It’s an important job and I bark at anyone who tries to hug her.