Nicki and Drake are Ad Astra’s very own resident sweethearts.  Drake loves chasing humans for love and affection, while Nicki loves to be her family’s personal handler.  At 52 pounds, Drake is a gorgeous specimen of an American Staffordshire Terrier and Nicki is 75 loving pounds of American Pit Bull Terrier.  Drake rescued his human, Katy Young, at an adoption fair in El Cerrito.

One day, when Drake was playing at the Point Isabel Dog Park, he met Nicki, who happened to be from the same rescue. When Nicki’s foster mom let it be known that Nicki was in need of a forever home, Nicki immediately joined the family. When Drake and Nicki are not loving on their people, they are actively trying to teach humans the cool trick of spilling more food.

Drake: My parents love the hip hop artist Drake.

Nicki: My parents named my brother Drake and the hip hop artist Drake has a friend named
Nicki Minaj.

Drake: I was at an adoption fair at the Pet Food Express in El Cerrito. My parents had just
bought a house with a fenced in yard and my mom really wanted to pet the puppies. Dad fell in
love with me first and the rest is history.

Nicki: I was from the same rescue group as Drake and I was at the Point Isabel Dog Park with my
foster mom when I began playing with Drake. My foster mom told my parents that I needed a
home. When they all realized that I was from the same rescue group, they just let my parents
take me home that day.

Drake: Chasing humans for love and attention.

Nicki: Barking at anyone who comes near my humans.

Drake: Wake up with snuggles, breakfast, snuggles, dinner, snuggles

Nicki: Breakfast, a long walk, a long nap, snuggles, barking, dinner, and snuggles

Drake: Cats! I’m gonna catch one someday.

Nicki: Bad guys. Definitely bad guys. I bark ‘em down even in my sleep.