2014 ABC Desk Guide

The Insolvency Law Standing Committee of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of California recently published the “2014 ABC Desk Guide,” coauthored by Anne Smiddy of Ad Astra Law Group LLP.  Ms. Smiddy co-authored the Desk Guide with Patrick Costello, Esq. of Vectis Law Group, Diana Donabedian Herman, Esq. of McKenna, Long, Aldridge LLP, and Justin E. Rawlins, Esq. of Winston & Strawn LLP, with Peter C. Califano, Esq. of Cooper, White & Cooper as editor.  The Desk Guide provides a convenient compilation and outline of the relevant state and federal statutes and cases affecting the operation of assignments for the benefit of creditors under California law.  The practice guide is available for purchase from the State Bar of California.

Ad Astra Law Group, LLP

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