Attorney Communication – Sharing Your “Likes and Dislikes” to Improve Our Services

Author: Scripta Ad Astra Staff

At Ad Astra, we believe attorneys are not only professionals with extensive knowledge of the law, but also counselors and advisors to their clients.  We hope to constantly better our services by improving our communication skills, and by tailoring our services to our clients’ specific needs.  I recently attended a Continuing Legal Education course in which in-house counsel from various prominent businesses in the Bay Area explained their “likes and dislikes” regarding attorney-client communications.  The following is a list of some of the communication skills that all the speakers agreed on:

  • write brief, concise, and well-written analyses of issues;
  • respond to questions quickly;
  • provide regular updates on outstanding issues;
  • allow time to review documents by making internal deadlines, so they client can manage his or her schedule accordingly;
  • make the client’s life easier by preparing correspondence that can be forwarded to high-level executives; and
  • provide recommendations while also explaining risks, using the lens of the client’s mission.

We recognize that not all clients have the same communication preferences, and encourage all of our existing and prospective clients to share their own “likes and dislikes” with us because we believe that better communication always translates to better representation.