Additional Fees in California Real Estate Transactions to Fund Affordable Housing

Author: Wendy Hillger

To help increase funding for affordable housing, Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill (Senate Bill 2: “Building Homes and Jobs Act”) that places fees on some real estate transactions in the state of California.  Effective in January 2018, a fee of $75 per single parcel of property will now apply for documents such as deeds and notices.  The fees are capped at $225 per transaction.   Recording of these documents for sales of residential and commercial property are specifically excluded [SB 2 bill text, section 2(19)].

The State Senate estimated these fees would bring the state between $200 to $300 million annually.  The additional revenue from the fees will be a permanent source of funding to pay for affordable, low-income housing, of which lawmakers estimate 1.8 million units are needed in the state.

The full bill text can be read here:


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