Back to School Special on Estate Plans

Author: Katy M. Young

As summer comes to an end and we all go back to school in one form or another, it is time to revisit the good old to-do list. Is an estate plan on your to-do list? If you are a business owner, an estate plan that addresses business succession is critically important. If you own a home, the only way to avoid probate is by creating a trust. If you have children, an estate plan is the only way to ensure your control over who becomes your child’s guardian should anything happen to you. Ad Astra Law Group, LLP is offering a back to school special on estate plans completed in August and September 2014.

What is an estate plan? Ad Astra Law Group, LLP offers a comprehensive estate plan package that will protect you, your loved ones, and your assets should tragedy strike. We’ll prepare a trust and a will to address what happens when you pass away. We also create advance health care directives and powers of attorney to protect you in case you become incapacitated. Our lawyers will educate you about the process, guide you through tough decisions, and perform a signing ceremony with a notary to complete the estate plan package. The whole process takes about a month from start to finish.

The attorney fees for probate cases are set by law and are quite high, plus the probate process can take as long as a year or more. For most people, we can create a comprehensive estate plan for about 1/3 of the minimum probate attorney fee and save you the hassle of dealing with probate while grieving. For estate plans completed in August and September 2014, we are offering a 20% discount. Creating your estate plan will bring you peace of mind and it is a great investment in your family’s future. Contact us today to discuss your estate planning needs!

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